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Hello. My name is Dr Shantanu Panigrahi. I was born in India in 1957 but came to the United Kingdom as a 15 year old boy and have settled here as a naturalised British citizen. I am married to an Indian lady and we have a 22 year old daughter. My logo/avatar represents the shield of truth of a satyagrahi, a person agitating for the truth. Apart from being my initials it stands for the Oriya term ‘Sata Pathe’, meaning ‘truth path’. Doctors told me that I suffer from Persistent Delusional Disorder (see:, but I have a calm and peaceful life and nature and I share my thoughts. This is the purpose for my blogsite:

I describe myself as an evolutionary biologist, a pluralist, but above all a satya-adviatist or truth accommodationist. I have devoted my time of life to learning about Nature and human affairs including the religions as I have always been interested in ascertaining human rights through an understanding of humanity. Professionally, I was a poultry scientist and an agricultural specialist until I could not get any work in this field. I currently run a hobby-based postage stamp dealership under the company name of Satyam Supplies (, and also work as a cashier in a petrol station. My lowly employment status did not bother me greatly until recently as I had a missionary zeal for learning and exposing truth that required spare time and freedom from employment restrictions to enable my studies towards developing the type of knowledge that I felt was needed for the outlook of world conservation.

I am particularly concerned that we humans must have a scientific bent of mind when analysing the universe: I set up two websites to examine the fundamentals of how we humans came about here: and

The reality to be preserved is that which develops naturally and this is appreciated through knowledge-acquisition and rationalism when one’s ego, greed, privilege accumulation and exploitational tendencies have been brought under mental check. This gives one the necessary focus on truth which describes my entire philosophy and outlook on life. My dharma is summed up by the phrase ‘living in harmony with Nature and the universe as the reality’ by a liberal middle way that I have determined through the process of satya-advaita or truth-accommodation (

I discuss my truths with any person regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, caste or class. Internet discussion forums have a very important role to play in the life of a truth-seeker. I blog, post and tweet on science, religion and philosophy to learn and expose as much as possible from testing my knowledge against other opinions. In this blogsite I pass comments on general matters, world affairs and human behaviour and relationships that I feel particularly strongly needs exposure. My Twitter site is at Posting generally in internet forums under the username Shantanu, I usually got banned for my truth probing and exposing activities, starting with Hoax Slayer, Advaita List, and Yahoo Adviatin Group about 5 years ago; Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Board after three and half years and posting over 10,700 posts until July 2012;; Atheism Plus within 12 hours of joining on a single issue thread that I initiated; Secular Cafe after a total of 900 posts between August and November 2012; and Rational Skepticism after 1 month and 164 posts during December 2012. I have also posted in the autumn of 2012 in Talk Rational, Religious Forums and in my own ‘The Secular Pacifist’s Discussion Forum‘ established on a trial basis on 30 October 2012 ( with its Twitter site:; and post comments under the username of ‘Satyagrahi‘ at Richard I also post in under my full name. I write about my internet discussion forum experiences to serve as a guide to people wishing to take up membership of these websites here:

I believe that people in all countries must have access to the knowledge learnt in any part of the world so that states that prevent their citizens from accessing that knowledge by curbing the internet need to be ostracised. I believe in total transparency and openness so that all points of views are given the open court of world public opinion for appropriate discussion and dissemination. I therefore invite comments on all my blogposts from the general public from anywhere in the world, and will not censor any such views as long as they are received from honest commentators wishing to contribute to a topic and use temperate language, do not promote paedophilia, and do not libel. Posters who fail to adhere to these rules will have their contributions suppressed as necessary to maintain the dignity of this blog-forum for the rational analysis of issues of concern to humanity.

MY motto is to learn as much as one can as one’s priority-task, keep fit, interact socially and live contentedly with what one has:

Prior to 1998 I was worked for 18 years in experimental scientific research. My biodata is as follows:

ADDRESS Gillingham, Kent ME8 0SL,United Kingdom.

TECHNICAL SPECIALISMS Scientific: Medicinal plants and Experimental Animal Nutrition Research.
Environment: Sustainable Natural Resource Management.
Customer Service, Marketing and Sales: Managing all aspects of product development, marketing, sales and shop premises specifically in relation to petroleum products.

PLACE OF ORIGIN Village: Brahmangaon; Post: Baikunthapur, District: Bhadrakh, State: Orissa, India.


DATE OF BIRTH 15 January 1957.

MARITAL STATUS 23 years married; one daughter aged ~22 years.

Agricultural Development
* Livestock production with particular reference to sustainable farming systems in tropical developing countries: specialism in livestock nutrition (ruminant and non-ruminant), livestock economics and environmental assessment.
* Development of integrated concepts for agricultural development in different agro-climatic zones: eg oilseed-livestock, root crops-livestock, agroforestry-livestock and small grains-livestock.
* Project planning, monitoring and evaluation in relation to adaptive animal feed technology transfer.
* Collaborating with non-governmental organisations to encourage the uptake of research-generated technologies.
* Advising organisations and personnel in developing countries on nutritional, toxicological and husbandry aspects of livestock production.
* Analysing policy issues relating to economic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects of livestock production (one major study of urban livestock production in Eastern India).

Analytical Laboratory-based Research
* Nutritional value of human foods.
* Toxicological/medicinal value of tropical plant products.
* Nutritional and anti-nutritional principles in agricultural commodities for livestock.
* Feed Microscopy for the identification of adulterants in agricultural commodities.
* Toxicological effects of environmental contaminants (including fungal, gaseous) and food and feed adulterants.
* Plane of nutrition appropriate for small-scale livestock production systems in the rural areas of developing countries.
* Tropical agricultural produce development into poultry feeds to cater for the Animal Feed market demand.
* Diet modifications for reducing methane generation by dairy cows to reduce global warming.

Business and Economics
* Nearly four years experience of the petroleum industry in managing premises and retail marketing of petroleum and household products at the individual final customer level (involving 300-400 customers per shift of sales).
* Good understanding of business acumen and business management needed for coping with laws governing retailing to upgrade profit targets when possible by adapting working practices to changing commercial pressures affecting the business premises, staffing, the market place, and new innovations available to improve cost-efficiency and operating performance.
* Good experience of trade unionism, trade union law, and business ethics, resulting in founding the Union of Petrol Station Workers.
* Development of the concept of Conservational Economics to achieve Environmental Sustainability and Optimal Human Welfare.

Teaching and training
* Training personnel from developing countries on animal nutrition, and bioassays for detecting environmental toxins. Teaching undergraduates. Training sales assistants.
* Production of a Sales Assistant Training Manual from this sales experience.

1962-14/7/72: St Joseph’s High School, 2 Edmonstone Road, Allahabad-1, Uttar Pradesh, India.
5/7/72-14/12/72: City Anglo-Vernacular Intermediate College, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Jan1973-Jun 1973: Stanley Technical High School, South Norwood, London
Sep 1973-1975: Kingston College of Further Education, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Jun 1975 Board of High School and Intermediate Education Allahabad -High School Examination (1972); in First Division (69.4 percent) and Distinction in Mathematics
(None: left in the middle of the session to move to the United Kingdom as father, Dr Gopinath Panigrahi, was posted to Kew Gardens as Indian Liaison Officer on deputation of the Government of India with diplomatic status)
General Certificate of Education-June 1973: Ordinary Level: Chemistry (E Pass), Physics (E Pass) Mathematics Syllabus D (C Pass). English Language (F Fail)
General Certificate of Education-June 1974: Ordinary Level: Biology (E Pass), English Language (E Pass)
General Certificate of Education-June 1975: Advanced Level-II: Chemistry (B Pass), Physics (D Pass, Zoology (C Pass)

BSc in Pharmacology, Chelsea College, University of London, 1978, Upper Second Class Honours.
PhD (Laboratory research on animal feed development specific to increasing the commercially-acceptable incorporation percentage of cottonseed meal in laying hen rations); Thesis Title: The Use of Cottonseed Meal in Laying Hen Diets, University of Reading, 1988.
Post-Graduate Diploma (Distinction) in Agricultural Development, University of London, 1994.
Certificate, in Livestock Development (Distinction), Wye College, University of London, 1995.
Certificate, in Environmental Science (Distinction), Wye College, University of London, 1996.

Former Assistant Editor and Member of the Council of Management of British Poultry Science Journal.
Former Member of World’s Poultry Science Association.
Member of Rural African Network for Poultry. Member of International Network for Family Poultry Development (INFPD), Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations.

1974: Prize for the best A-Level Field Course Notebook at Kingston College of Further Education (Study of Sea-shore and Freshwater Ecology at Bangor, Wales).
1977: Full College Colours for Services to the Badminton Club of Chelsea College, University of London.
1981: Civil Service Sports Day 1981, Darts Runners-up medal.
1982: Tropical Products Institute, Darts Runners-up.
1984: Moulsford Cricket Club All Rounder Trophy, Village Moulsford, Oxfordshire (Member of Moulsford Cricket Club from 1984-1990).
1986: Culham Laboratories (Culham Joint European Torus Project, Culham, Oxfordshire) Cricket Sixes Winners Shield.
1997: Bowling Award, EEM Cricket Club, Rainham, Kent (Member of EEM Cricket Club from 1994-1998).

LANGUAGES Speaking Reading Writing
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Hindi Fluent Fluent Fluent
Urdu Basic – –
Bengali Fluent Basic –
Oriya Fluent Basic Basic

Music – Listening and Playing the Tabla and Harmonica.
Wild-life Observation.
Playing Cards Games (especially Bridge) and Scrabble.
Stamp Collecting (former member of Medway Towns Philatelic Society).

India – August 1997; Studying livestock-related activities in and around Calcutta for an MSc dissertation on ‘urbanisation and its impact on livestock development in eastern India’.

India – August 1997; Participating as an invited speaker in a Poultry Feed Management (Nutrition) Workshop organised by the Americal Soybean Association (Asia Subcontinent; New Delhi Office – email: & Eastern Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. (Bhubaneswar; Tel. 0674 40304) at Hotel Prachi Bhubaneswar, Orissa, on August 12 1997.

Cameroon – March 1997; implementing a project extension to the ODA-funded Project R5179.

Zimbabwe – November-December, 1996. Attending a seminar on Small-Scale Decentralised Agro-Industry held in Harare. Presented a paper on the ‘rationale for development of sunflower seed oilcake as an animal feed’. Monitoring progress in Projects C0633 and O0053.

Cameroon – June 1996; project monitoring visit to evaluate project progress in the ODA-funded Project R5179.

Zimbabwe – January, 1996. Part of a three-member visit team developing a collaborative research project with Appropriate Technology International, and local institutions and NGOs on the use of sunflowerseed cake produced from a rampress for dairy and poultry production (ODA Project Code O0053).

Zimbabwe – February 1996; arranging collaborative poultry feeding trials at Henderson Research Station, Mazowe, Zimbabwe, to test poultry rations designed for transfer to small-scale poultry producers in Zimbabwe in relation to Project C0633.

Cameroon – January-February 1995; conducting ODA-funded adaptive field research (Project Code R5179) to promote the utilisation of sweet potato and cassava root meal in poultry feeds through on-station and on-farm feed development and poultry feeding trials in the North-West Province highlands.

Zimbabwe – March 1995; examining Tinytech oil milling operations and sampling sunflower seed oilcakes for nutritional analysis at NRI in relation to Project C0633.

Zimbabwe – May 1994; reviewing developments in the oilseed sector, and developing a project proposal with the non-governmental organisation, the Intermediate Technology Development Group on the use of oilcakes generated by motorised small-scale oil mills for livestock production (Project Code C0633).

Kenya – March 1994; examining root crop development strategies in East Africa; visits to the International Potato Centre, University of Nairobi, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, International Livestock Centre for Africa, and Agricultural Research Foundation.

Nigeria – February 1994; organising research project at NRI for a senior member of staff at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (under a Senior Carnegie Research Fellowship); organising a nine-month (June 1995-February 1996) World Bank-funded Research/Training Fellowship for another of this university’s lecturer at NRI.

Cameroon – February 1994; prefeasibility study of farming systems in the western highlands of Cameroon in relation to the identification of a field site to conduct poultry feed development based on root crops.

India – November 1993; presenting a paper on ‘cassava utilisation in poultry diets’, at the International Symposium on Tropical Tuber Crops Research, at Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Thiruvananthapurum. Also delivering a lecture on ‘urbanisation and livestock development’, at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.

The Netherlands – September 1992; presenting a paper on ‘copra cake and broiler behaviour’, at the XIX World Poultry Congress, Amsterdam.

India – December 1991; Eastern India, studying peri-urban dairy production systems, storage and use of fibrous ruminant feeds, and monitoring the presence of aflatoxin M1 in milk from different production systems.

Belgium – April 1989; Brussels, negotiating a Commission of European Communities-funded contract.

India – March 1987; Madras Veterinary College, identifying areas of common interest for collaborative research. Orissa, studying rice cultivation and livestock production.

India – March 1985; Commercial firms in Calcutta. Examining seeds of Cassia tora and Tamarindus indica for research.

Part-time interest in running a postage stamp dealership since 7 March 2012 under the business name ‘Satyam Supplies’ (

(1) 11 November 2010-present: Full time Cashier/General Assistant in a petrol station.

(2) May 2005-April 2008. Election Count Staff for Electoral Registration Department, Medway Council, Civic Centre, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 4AU. Tel: (01634) 306000/332072.

(3) August 2006 to 15 May 2008: Sales Assistant and Training Officer at Shell Wigmore Service Station, 26 Hoath Lane, Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SW. Tel: (01634) 269880. (resigned from employment)

(4) December 2004 to 28 February 2005: Cover Supervisor, The Robert Napier School, Third Avenue, Gillingham, Kent ME7 2LX. Tel: (01634) 851157.

(5) Gap in employment between Oct 1998- Jul 2004: (A break from paid employment to due to ill health).

(6) August 1979- October 1998 with the Natural Resources Institute: Principal Scientist-3, Natural Resources Management Department, Natural Resources Institute, The University of Greenwich, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4TB, United Kingdom. Tel: (01634) 880088, as follows:
(1991-1996) Senior Scientific Officer (Animal Nutritionist), Livestock Department, Natural Resources Institute, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4TB, United Kingdom. Tel: (01634) 880088.
(1983-1991) Higher Scientific Officer (Poultry Nutritionist), Animal Feeds Section. Responsible for Project development and the Operation of the Livestock Experimental Station at Tropical Development Research Institute, later renamed Overseas Development Tropical Development Institute, Culham, Oxfordshire.
(1979-1983) Scientific Officer (Toxicologist), Toxic and Economic Constituents Section, Tropical Products Institute. Responsible for Project development and the Operation of the Nutritional Testing Sub-sectionLivestock Experimental Station at NRI Culham, Oxfordshire.

(7) July 1978-December 1978: Research Assistant (registered for MPhil) at The Hatfield Polytechnic (Hertfordshire County Council, PO Box 109, College Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9AB), conducting in vitro research on non-cholinergic and non-adrenergic transmission in the rat gastric striatum.

(8) Pre-1979 employment: Short periods as: Shop Assistant in Bentalls Department Store, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey; Part-time Worker (in a Kentucky Fried Chicken, Norbiton, Surrey); Kitchen Assistant in Nursing Home (Hampton Court, Surrey); Bar staff (at Chelsea College, London); Counter staff (at a Ladbrokes Betting Shop, London); Research Assistant (at The Hatfield Polytechnic, Hertfordshire); Day time Security Guard in Shops in Central London for Instant Security; and Night time Security Guard for Mainguard Security, East London.


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  1. Hi Shantanu, Do you remember me in SJC class 7A , Mr. Wright’s class? I am in Dubai, my phone no. is 00971 50 6331501 and my e-mail ID is My Skype ID is qaisar-mehdi

    Comment by SYED QAISAR MEHDI | November 21, 2014 | Reply

    • Our exchange through email made me very happy that someone would remember me from all those years ago at St Josephs High School in Allahabad in India. Thank you for the class group photograph you sent me by email.

      Comment by shantanup | November 22, 2014 | Reply

  2. Probably he remembers you as being cracked.

    Comment by egregious_c | October 21, 2017 | Reply

    • Hindus and Muslims have different outlooks.

      Comment by shantanup | October 22, 2017 | Reply

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